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Nautical Club L'Anse St-Jean  -  Marina of the Old Port of Chicoutimi  -  

Marina City of the Bay  -  Port of Refuge  Cap-A-l'Aigle  -  

Tadoussac Nautical Club

• Promote exchanges and information related to their own nautical activities

• Offer active members a preferential rate, ie a reduction of 50% (Tadoussac of 25%) on the daily rates. From launching until July 16 and from August 21 until removal from the docks.

• An official list of active members must be provided.

• The full price will be charged from July 17th until August 22nd.


   • Exclusion during these preferential rate periods:


   o Anchor buoys

   o The 4th day free

   o Commercial vessels are not eligible for this agreement

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